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With Color Palettes you can add a combination of colors that allows you to re-use these colors in layers of a product.

List of Color Palettes

Navigate to the list of Color Palettes using the navigation on the left hand side.

The list of Color Palettes is ordered by last updated date, so the last updated palette appear on the top of the list.

To search for a specific palette, enter a name of a color palette.

Adding a color palette

  1. Click on the Add new color palette button
  2. Enter a name for the palette
  3. Add at least 1 color using the Add color button
  4. Reorder the colors if needed, using the drag-and-drop icon next to each color
  5. Click on the Save color palette button

To edit an existing color palette, click on the edit button in the list of color palettes, and follow above steps starting from step 2.

Using a color palette

To use a color palette, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by creating or editing a product.
  2. Add or edit a text layer, edit it and navigate to the Colors tab.
  3. Click on the link copy from color palette next to the title Color selection.
  4. Find the palette you would like to use and click on the Copy colors button to copy the colors from the palette to the layer.
  5. Change the default color if you like.

Changing colors in a color palette won't affect templates or designs, since it's colors are copied when using it.

Make sure the palette contains all colors you'd like to use, as changes in a palette won't be synchronized to templates or designs.

Deleting a color palette

In the list of color palettes or when editing a palette, click on the Remove button and confirm to remove the palette.

Deleting a color palette won't affect templates or designs.