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Magento 2

This page describes the installation procedure for owners of a Magento store (version 2.x).


Click the button below to download the extension for Magento 2.x at the Magento Marketplace.

Install the module

  1. Unzip the extension
  2. Move the contents of this zip to the app/code directory of your Magento 2 installation
  3. Make sure the file structure looks like this: app/code/Spectrum/Colorlab
  4. Run php bin/magento setup:upgrade to install the module

Configure the module

1. Go to our store settings page

  1. Log in to your Magento store
  2. Navigate to Stores - Configuration
  3. Open the Printlane menu on the left

2. Settings

  1. Enabled: Set to yes to activate our module on your store.
  2. Show thumb in cart: When set to yes the product image in the cart is replaced with an image of the design.
  3. Shop ID: The Printlane Store ID, you can find this on the settings page in Printlane studio.
  4. API key: The API key linked to your Printlane Store, when set all orders containing a design will be available in Printlane Studio. Contact our support to get your credentials.
  5. API Secret: The secret linked to your API key.
  6. Add To Cart Button Class: Enter a CSS-classname for your add to cart button (defaults to button.tocart which the app will use to change the add to cart button to a customize button)
  7. Add To Cart Button Name: Enter a text for the customize button (defaults to Customize this product)
  8. Change Design Link Name: Enter a text for the design link displayed in your shopping cart (defaults to Change design)

Validate the settings and save your configuration by clicking Save config

Activate for one of your products

In order to activate the Printlane Designer for one of your products, you need to navigate to Catalog - Manage products and add/edit a product.

  • Set the SKU of the product. This is important: The sku of your Magento product needs to be the same as the Template ID in Printlane Studio. If not we're unable to link your product with the correct template.
  • Optionally, enter a Printlane ID. This value will be used instead of the SKU if it is not empty
  • Choose yes in the Enable Printlane Customize switcher
  • save the product
  • Visit the product's detail page in your Magento store. The add to cart button should be replaced with the value of the Add To Cart Button Name setting and the designer should open when clicking on it.


Did your Add to cart button not change to a Customize button? Please contact Printlane using the Printlane website.